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The 2020 Retreat is being held at the FFA Training Center in Haines City, FL on February 17, 2020 - February 20, 2020.

The time is finally here! YAY!!! The retreat will be at the FFA Leadership Training Center in Haines City, FL. from Monday, February 17th to Thursday, February 20th. The retreat education committee is offering you a choice of 2 classes from the 7 offered. All classes are full day classes so please pick your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for each day! If you are not interested in taking any of the classes one day, please sign up for Open Sew. You can also choose Open Sew both days if you have projects you are working on. You DO NOT have to take any of the classes offered. Please complete the registration AND medical forms and MAIL them together with your initial payment to Linda Macklin (address in your roster booklet). 

Please make sure that the postmark is NOVEMBER 1st or later. Any received postmarked prior to November 1st, will be processed as though it has a November 14th postmark, possibly eliminating your eligibility for a particular class. Please note, that no registrations will be open prior to November 7th to allow for mailing delays for our northern members. Registrations will then be opened by postmark date order. Please note, registrations WILL NOT be accepted in person.If you have ANY questions please email me (email address in roster booklet). I will be on a cruise until November 1st but will have access to email and will answer as soon as I can. Now is also the time to be speaking to other members about rooming together. If you do not have a roommate chosen, please don’t delay in registering for the retreat, that information can be included later. 



Registration begins November 1st. ALL registration forms, medical forms and initial payment must be MAILED to Linda Macklin (her address is found in your roster booklet) no earlier than November 1.


We encourage you to make your own roommate commitment and inform us on your registration form. If you do not stipulate a roommate, and have chosen a semi-private plan, a roommate will be assigned to you.

Retreat Challenge

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For more information or for any questions that you may have, please contact Linda Macklin at the next meeting or at her email that is listed in your roster booklet.


Click here to get a printout of classes being offered at 2020 Retreat!

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Click here to get a copy of the 2020 Retreat Medical Form


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