PRQG Order Of The Fat Quarter Nomination Form

Every year our guild honors one member who has given above and beyond in effort and dedication to the guild. Sometimes those members are officers, sometimes committee chairs, and sometimes just quiet behind the scene workers. You all know who they are and we want you to tell us, in your own words, who and why they deserve to be recognized with this honor.
Please look in your Directory on pages 4 & 5 to see the 28 members who have already received this award. It can only be bestowed once per member. The votes are cumulative over the years so please continue to nominate the person or persons you feel is/are deserving for past and/or present work, or perhaps some shining star whose nomination will continue to grow in the coming years.

Forms will be available at every guild meeting on the front table.

Name of Nominee:        Date:   

I think this person deserves our thanks because: 


Submitted By:   

Telephone #:


Compete this form, print it,  and mail it to:

Order Of The Fat Quarter
Peace River Quilters' Guild, Inc

P.O. Box 512265
Punta Gorda, FL 33951
OR Place your printed copy into the box on the front table