Peace River Quilters' Guild, Inc

A Florida Not For Profit Organization

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do I have to know how to quilt in order to join?
A: No! Many of our members had little to no quilting experience before joining. The purpose of the guild is to enhance quilting skills. We offer many classes, some free and some from national teachers at very reduced prices. All of our members are eager to share their quilting expertise. Please join us and learn our craft.

Q: Do you give classes?
A: Yes. We have member teachers who give classes every month. These classes cost $10 per student. National teachers are scheduled throughout the year at a substantially lower price than you could find elsewhere. Our classes are a mix of all types of quilting. Please see our Education section for upcoming teachers, guidelines and registration forms.

Q: Do you give beginner classes?
A: We do not give sewing classes. Our quilting classes are not specific beginner classes but are usually geared to any level of quilter. If enough members want a specific type of class like a beginner class our education committee tries to accommodate them. Some of our advertisers give beginner quilting classes; you will find their web sites under Links.

Q: How do I sign up for a class?
A: Once signup for a class is open you may register either by filling out the registration form and bringing it with payment to a guild meeting or mailing it to our post office box. Signup opening dates are published in our newsletter and posted online under Education.

Q: Do I have to be a member to sign up for a class?
A: The general answer to this is yes. Classes are open to members first. Unfilled spaces may be opened to non-member guilds for a slightly higher non-refundable class fee. Guilds may contact us at our email address for available spaces.

Q: Can I sign up for a class online?
A: Not currently but we are working on it.

Q: Do I have to attend every Friday?
A: No. Our business meeting is the second Friday of the month. We encourage you to attend this meeting so you can keep current with the goings on in the guild. Show & Tell is held on the 3rd Friday and the other Fridays are for sewing, sharing projects, committee meetings, announcements, etc. While many members attend every Friday it is not required. Some Fridays will have lecture/trunk shows from national teachers. These will always be announced in our newsletter so you won’t miss anything.

Q: What are the expectations of membership?
A: Our bylaws state that all members will be current in dues and support and participate in all Guild activities. You are expected to make a Community Quilt each year. (See Community Quilts under Programs and Activities). You are also expected to sign up to be a hostess at meetings for one month of the year. This entails setting up coffee, bringing a dessert or food for the business meeting and cleanup. These committees consist of 6 people per month so the work is minimal. You are expected to work on the biennial Quilt Show in some capacity. There are many committees involved in the Quilt Show so there is something for everyone. Most members find that the more they become involved the more fun they have and the more they learn.

Q: May I join if I am a snowbird?
A: Yes, many of our members are snowbirds. As long as you complete the membership requirements we love having you for whatever time you can be with us.

Q: Can I enter a quilt in your show if I am not a member?
A: No. Entry is limited to PRQG members who joined the guild prior to September 1st of the year preceding the show and who have renewed their membership by January 31st of the show year.

Q: What are Focus Groups?
A: Currently we have 6 focus groups in the guild. These are small groups of members within the club who meet separately to share ideas, techniques, and challenges in a specific area of quilting. Our groups are Miniatures, Appliqué, Machine Embroidery, Long Arm Quilting, Paper Piecing, and Art Quilting. Each group sets its own meeting times and agenda usually before or after announcements on meeting days or on Sew-in days.

Q: What are sew-ins?
A: We do a sew-in once a month on a date set by the Education committee. We meet at the church with the purpose of finishing our projects, seeking help, or sometimes making a specific quilt or project. These meetings are free and fun; they are not required but can be very helpful.

Q: How often can I come before I have to join?
A: You may attend 2 meetings before you are asked to join.

Q: Can I bring a non-member friend to Retreat?
A: No. The Retreat is a time for PRQG members to relax and enjoy friendships within the guild.     

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